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Written by Matthew Harris on 26th January 2018
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Get your Windows 10 PC working for you…

Not the other way around



Let’s have a look at some great Productivity, Security & Personalisation tips for your Windows 10 PC.



Does it feel like your PC is running through treacle, have a look at a few tips that may help?


  • Make sure you have the latest windows updates and device drivers
  • When you Start your PC, have only the apps you need
  • Check you have enough disc space
  • Check for viruses and malware
  • Not sure, give us a call


Keyboard Shortcuts




  • Make sure you have your anti-virus and anti-ransomware turned on
  • Make sure you have strong passwords
  • Make sure your family are protected from age related experiences


  • Customer your taskbar notification area (Show, change, hide)
  • Desktop theme, background pictures, windows colours and sounds to suit your interests
  • Interesting: 3D in Windows 10 or Paint 3D. Fun but a bit tricky to get working


  • Speak to your pets via auto answering skype. Allow people to scan the interior of your house
  • When you download applications, check they are from a reputable source
  • Make sure each user has their own log in as this will give each person their unique desktop


If you would like to discuss any of the points above, please call us on 023 92482556.



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