Cyber Security & GDPR Awareness Session


Our cybersecurity training session is built specifically for non-technical employees. It’s a fun and factual session that also help you raise important questions to discuss with your family as well. We can host it at our location or on your premises, whichever option suits you.

As well as a description of what Cyber Security is all about and the ever increasing sophistication of attacks, we also cover how people react differently to these threats and the stress it can cause.


We will provide an overview in plain English of the risks and threats to your business and show some practical advice and guidance to reduce your exposure in a short workshop (Approx. 2.5 hrs with a 10 min comfort break and a Q&A session that can extend the time but is important).

If your company runs a quality management system then this will be an ideal opportunity to review some processes and procedures and discuss how to implement basic processes to increase the level of protection.


The workshop will cover the following topics and will be kept restricted to small groups of 5-6 to ensure a friendly atmosphere and encourage interaction. If possible, to separate management from staff as there is a slightly different focus.  

9 am

  1. Who is at risk?
  2. How do these attacks start and what signs are there?
  3. How people react, why and how you should react?

Comfort break

  1. The measures you can implement to reduce the number of attacks getting through and limiting their success if they do?
  2. Legal implications and mitigation?
  3. How does it tie in with GDPR

12 noon Finish 

The cost is £95 per person in groups of no more than 6. (groups need to be kept small and personal to be effective) 

If you interested, contact Matthew Harris on 023 92 482556 or email me on