Scalable IT services for south coast SMEs

We want you to make the best use of IT within your budget. Our flexible approach provides a range of IT services to suit businesses of all sizes and needs.

A reliable outsourced local team who care as much about your company as you do

IT is meant to make life easier, but when systems crash, you get hacked, or it’s time for an upgrade, a lack of technology know-how can be disruptive, confusing and frustrating. That’s why you need ‘IT in your pocket’: our range of friendly, affordable and bespoke business IT services. Reduce complexity and cost, enhance your employee experience, unlock productivity and future-proof your business with our outstanding solutions.

Support Options

Stop worrying about technology. That’s our job. We have a range of plans to help you stay on budget while keeping your IT systems future-proofed, regularly supported, maintained and secure. We proactively monitor the critical systems that keep your business running, from servers and workstations to network equipment.

Flexible packages to suit your business
Use as much as you need, from our bespoke managed service contracts or flexible pay-as-you-go service.
Future-proofed IT system upgrades
We’ll make sure you’re fit for the future with regular device and systems upgrades for the whole network.
Responsive support and proactive maintenance
From device management and maintenance to test restores and security monitoring, we predict any hardware issues and ensure your equipment continues to work efficiently.
Contingency planning and disaster recovery
A disaster is anything that takes down your IT and prevents you from working. We put in plans to protect your business and recover your data with reliable online backup.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a game-changer, enabling your business to access software and unlimited storage space on the Internet as a service. Unlike traditional IT infrastructure, where you can only use resources that are already available to you, the on-demand virtual cloud is efficient, flexible, cost-effective, scalable, secure and highly collaborative.

Migration planning
Following a streamlined migration process, we’ll move your email and business to the cloud and manage and support the solutions, leaving you with more time to get on with your business.
Managed security solutions
Leave managing and monitoring your cloud solutions to us. We’ll provide a reliable and straightforward system with automated alerts, responses and actions so you can take a hands-off approach to focus on your business.
Microsoft 365
Work whenever you need to, on whatever device you choose with Microsoft 365. Send emails and create archives; use Teams for communication, productivity, document sharing and calling; SharePoint for internal collaboration; OneDrive for personal online storage; Intune for device management; and online backups to protect your data in the office and on the cloud.
Microsoft Azure
Use this public cloud computing platform for analytics, virtual computing, storage and networking. Increase and decrease resources when you need them with virtual servers and virtual desktops.
Internet connections
Whether you work in a co-working space, a business park, or own or rent an office unit or building, we have connectivity and network solutions for you from broadband and leased lines to 3G, 4G and 5G mobile coverage.
VoIP phone solutions
A voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) system is a digital alternative to the traditional phone network. Powered by the cloud, it’s a cost-effective, enhanced communication solution.

Security and compliance solutions

Cyber attacks are a growing threat that all businesses must take seriously. We take a proactive approach to cyber security, tailoring best practices developed by blue-chip companies to SMEs. We use high-quality software to protect your digital assets and network devices from hackers and provide you with the most secure environment possible. From planning and inception to deployment and ongoing support, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Data protection and security
We’ll work to safeguard your data, protecting your business from traditional viruses, malware, ransomware and spam, using solutions including Sophos Cloud and Sophos Intercept X to monitor your systems.
Cyber essentials
We’ll prepare you for Cyber Essentials certification – a simple but effective government-backed scheme that will help you defend your business from data breaches and common cyber attacks.
Information security policies
We’ll guide you through the process of creating an information security policy (ISP) – a set of golden rules to ensure your employees and other users follow IT asset security protocols and procedures.
Password management
Securely manage your passwords for individuals and teams. We’ll provide an on-site and cloud-based secure platform for password storage and collaboration, role-based administration and end-to-end event auditing.
We’ll design a proactive firewall maintenance plan to protect your network from external unauthorised access. In addition, as part of the cyber security process, we’ll update your systems regularly to ensure internal systems remain secure.
Web and email filtering
We’ll implement a filtering system that stops hidden viruses before they can be downloaded, scanning employee internet browsing, blocking compromised or suspicious sites, removing threats from emails and rejecting spam, using trusted partner Mimecast.