Making GDPR work for small business

For small businesses, when you go on the internet to try and get your head around GDPR, you may well end up even more confused than when you started.

During our weekly “Getting GDPR Ready” sessions for small businesses, we have found a number of common themes that help bring it all together. By covering:

What it is

Why it needs to be done

How to start


How to keep it up to date

As these sessions have been interactive, we have listened closely and developed a number methods to help small businesses to keep it appropriate, cost effective and applicable.

For example: From a third person perspective, look back into you organisation as one of your customers. Run a physical, process and technological walk though and see how comfortable you are with how your personal data is being managed.

Part of the confusion also comes from there being 3 main areas of GDPR and each one saying that their bit is “THE” critical piece. HR with people training, Consultants with process and IT Providers / Vendors with products. So we have the 3 p’s:

People, Process and Products

All three need to be looked at together as a whole.

When we considered the number of IT project failures seen over the past 25 years and combined this with how different businesses train, process and run their businesses. We realised that there needed to be a very simple over aching and effective approach to the whole GDPR challenge.

Large businesses have dedicated teams of people to work on this, in small business, one of two people wear all the hats and there just is not enough time the day to get all of this done, it’s no surprise that business leaders have been putting it off.

To help, we have created a straight forward and cost effective offering covering the 3 p’s to help you become GDPR ready and a light touch moving forward to keep you up to date.

Interested in finding out more, feel free to get in contact.

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