Security Warning – Beware of MegaCortex

A new ransomware called MegaCortex has been spreading around the world since the beginning of May. The ransomware was first spotted in January but there has been  distinct increase in the last month. The system is highly automated and uses different techniques to compromise the victim PC. Once it has a hold the ransomware encrypts the users data in batches of 10 files and  leaves a  ransom note with instructions on how to unlock the data.

MegaCortex appears to be targeted at larger companies at the moment, but that doesnt mean that smaller organisation can relax, these things have a habit of expanding and getting out  of control. We have seen an increase in the number of reports about ransomware during 2019 and with the increase in phishing attacks directed en-masse against companies the risks appear to be higher than ever.

Take steps to ensure you remain protected

To protect your systems ensure that you have a plan in place. 

  1. Have a plan – evaluate the risks and act appropriately, doing nothing should not be an option
  2. Install Anti-Virus – such as Sophos EndPoint Protection
  3. Install Anti-Malware  – such as Sophos InterceptX
  4. Test Backups – make sure you have good backups and test them regularly
  5. Apply Security Updates – patch systems and ensure all security updates are applied
  6. Provide additional mail filtering – phishing emails still remains a favoured attack method for hackers.
  7. Provide User Training – ensure that all employees receive training on how to spot a cyber problem and how to react
  8. Review Password Policies – prevent users being compromised by implementing MultiFactor Authentication.

Sophos have released the following video that shows how MegaCortex operates and how it can be defeated.

Sophos Video on MegaCortex