Cloud Services

Discover the many ways we can make your business more efficient by using cloud computing

Harness the power of the cloud

The cloud offers many of cost-effective solutions for businesses large and small. Spend your time working instead of installing, updating and synching.

Migration planning

Cloud computing is changing the way we work and providing new opportunities for the way we do business. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have provided tangible business benefits to our customers using the Microsoft 365 suite, including Microsoft Azure and an array of other web service providers.

  1. Need to replace legacy equipment cost-effectively?
  2. Have you outgrown your existing systems?
  3. Do team members need access to the same tools, resources, data and assets from multiple locations?
  4. Want to increase or decrease the power of your systems to meet changes in demand?
  5. Do you know where to begin?

Managed security solutions

Maintaining and monitoring security software and systems is essential. Still, it requires a proactive approach, whether you’re using standard cloud business systems such as Microsoft 365 and Azure, as well as office-based systems.

We provide a range of economical solutions designed for small and medium-sized firms. Your business is integrated into our ticketing system, allowing our team of engineers to track and respond to problems quickly and efficiently.

For those organisations that require extreme levels of security, we can scale these to Managed Detect and Response (MDR) solutions with our security vendor Sophos. This approach provides a fully managed and monitored solution run by dedicated elite cyber security experts.

MDI provides additional management of policies, ensuring that the appropriate controls are maintained, with regular reviews and system auditing.

Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider we will simplify the billing for your Office 365, Azure and Microsoft Licenses to a convenient monthly bill. You can receive the latest versions of the Office suite, and other applications with the flexibility of monthly billing. Adding users and new products is a straightforward process.

Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure platform has been designed to support and complement the Microsoft 365 services that many companies have adopted as a core system.

We can deploy complete network solutions ranging from servers, virtual desktops, applications, databases to secure client VPN connections and dedicated Express Route connections from the customer to Azure.

 We can build new solutions directly on the Azure platform. For example, we can move existing business and data storage systems running on servers within your organisation to the cloud to provide greater access to employees while also building additional security, reliability and resilience to failure.   

Azure can deploy solutions of any level of complexity on a flexible monthly model or at discounted prices of up to 60% for one to three-year Reserved Instances. In addition, solutions are adapted to capacity and power to cater for changes in business requirements.

Internet connectivity

An organisation's ability to connect reliably and with high speed to the Internet is essential. A strategic migration to cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Azure has driven increased requirements for Internet connections.

MDI provides a range of solutions to suit every organisation. We will analyse the type of use and requirements before proposing a suitable solution.

3G/4G Mobile Solutions
These mobile data solutions can be used as an alternative to fixed lines in areas with poor connectivity. We also deploy these solutions to act as backups to fixed circuits or provide temporary access when a short-term connection is required.
Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)
The FTTC broadband connection is widely used amongst smaller companies and can provide up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload. Deployed at a low cost over traditional wires into the property and with low monthly rentals, these are suitable for non-business critical systems.
Fibre to the Premise (FTTP)
A direct fibre connection to the premise such as FTTP is a middle ground solution, typically offering a service level agreement on business connections and much higher guaranteed upload and download speeds (typically from 100Mbps up to 1Gbps upload and download). However, with a dedicated fibre optic cable typically from the local green box in the street to the office, the Internet connection back to the provider is made on a shared infrastructure. This can result in contention for bandwidth, and maximum speeds may not always be achieved.
Leased Line
The availability of Leased Lines is better than FTTP, and speeds and service levels are generally better. Connection speeds can be from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. These connections use a dedicated connection from the property to the providers’ network. The connection speed and throughput are not shared, and guaranteed performance is part of the service level agreement (SLA).

VoIP phone solutions

With a requirement for more mobile and flexible working there is a need for business systems to adapt. This means the ability to make calls from any location whilst using the company infrastructure is now a requirement. We provide a range of solutions to meet all requirements from our VoIP platform and Microsoft Teams.

Our VoIP platform provides all the services you would expect from a phone system and can be based around phone extensions or phone users with per-minute or call bundle billing.

Call Handling
You'll have complete control over how calls go in and out of the system. Route calls to different teams; provide automated menus; deal with calls for staff who are busy or unavailable; forward out of hours to calls to voicemail and mobiles.
Choice of Handsets
Our systems are compatible with a wide range of handsets. From basic handsets that have the essential call tools to high-end units with the latest in video calling.
Call Recording
At the click of few buttons you can get full recording of all calls. All recordings are securely stored in our customer portal for you to download when you need to. An excellent feature for staff training and customer service.
Call Centre Features
If you’re running a call centre, we can help you provide the solutions for that. All our systems integrate with wall boards for displaying real time information. Detailed metrics can be made available to your customer on staff performance and call volumes. Enable your customers to run an efficient and modern call centre without the cost of bespoke call centre systems.
Flexible Geographic Numbering
We can provision numbers from any area code of the country, supplying a local presence in any part of the UK.
Expandable Service
Our phone systems are completely scalable. You can start with one phone, grow to up to thousands and back to one without any infrastructure worries.