Security and compliance solutions

We have a proactive approach to cyber security. From installing high-quality software to implementing the latest best practices, we’ve got you covered.

Protecting your business from attacks

Our cyber security services use the very latest technology to protect your business from attacks. We’ve tapped into our experience working for large corporates to ensure all our clients, large and small, benefit from the best and most secure practices available.

Data protection and security

In order to protect your data we can help you identify what data you have and where, then build a plan to protect your data and key systems. We focus on:

Employee training

All system users should be trained in good security practices and to identify the potential threats, such as suspicious emails or unusual files. Employee training is critical in the overall solution and forms a layer of defence in its own right especially when dealing with phishing attacks. We can provide training solutions to meet your employee’s needs.

Data Backups

We recommend that all organisations now adopt a cloud first (online backup) approach as it gives us a greater level of protection. Plus, it can be automated and doesn’t require user interaction.

If the worst should happen and we need to recover from a disaster, we can restore whole systems to the cloud or to new or spare equipment for recovery. Adding a monthly restore test is important, knowing that data recovery has been tested and proven.

As more companies move to the cloud, we provide a UK/EU-based online backup solution with an ISO27001 data centre, ensuring you know where your data is and that it’s being managed professionally. We will provide you with a fully managed solution that includes 28 days and monthly backups to ensure you have adequate recovery and retention for all your data.

Cyber essentials

The Cyber Essentials standard is used to evaluate an organisation against industry standard information security best practices. It can be employed as a checklist or framework to build in security at all levels of a business from password controls through to security policies. These are practical measures to reduce your organisation’s risk and prove to suppliers and customers that security is taken seriously.

Information security policies

An information security policy defines how you protect your IT systems and data and provides guidance in the form of procedures and rules to employees on how to use your IT systems. Security within the supply chain is now a key element and the information security policy will often be key to securing contracts and providing assurance to customers that their data and services are safe. We’ll work with you to build practical policies that meet your regulatory and contractual requirements.

Password management

Password security can be difficult to manage without the right tools. Enforcing complex password policies can also encourage other security issues such as password re-use, and insecure storage. Every employee should have access to a password vault: this will encourage good security and simplify access to key resources for employees.


Firewalls are designed to protect the network from external unauthorised access and should be updated on a regular basis and included in the cyber security process. We provide firewall and gateway solutions from Cisco and Sophos.

Company workstations and servers need to have the latest security updates and policies; this includes software firewalls which we will configure and maintain. We prefer to agree a proactive maintenance plan with our customers to ensure that internal systems remain secure.

Web and email filtering

Web: Many threats are delivered now by browsing to compromised sites where the virus or ransomware is hidden waiting to be downloaded. We recommend implementing a filtering system that scans employee access to the internet and blocks sites listed as being infected or suspicious. We deliver web security solutions from key vendors including Mimecast, Sophos and Censornet.

Email: We deploy a range of solutions to suit organisations of all sizes. We have partnered with Mimecast and Microsoft for email security for scanning and removing threats from emails as well as rejecting spam. This is done before the email is delivered to the end user. This can be combined with email archiving to meet compliance requirements for all business sectors. For those organisations that want an integrated solution to their existing Microsoft cloud solutions, we can deploy Microsoft 365 Defender.