Upgrading your Phone system

Upgrading your Phone system

 If you have a regulatory or compliance need to safely record confidential calls and/or you just need a more flexible telecoms setup, we can help. You also need to be aware or the type of personal information that may be recorded and have appropriate data protection, processes/procedures and user training to make sure you are GDPR ready. 

Call Recording

Our system has a call recording mechanism which you can choose to apply on any or all of your telephone extensions.   You can also choose whether or not to record internal calls between extensions.  We store the call recordings on our customer management portal.  You decide which users are authorised to access the recordings.  You can play back the recordings on your computers or mobile devices.

Other benefits of a good phone system (above the standard stuff)

  • Treat special customers differently
  • Respond to callers with an automated greeting
  • Tell a caller how far up the queue they are
  • Block unwanted callers
  • Use your smartphone as a telephone extension
  • Out-of-hours call handling
  • Linking CRM systems to call network

Business benefits

  • Fit for purpose
  • Reliability
  • Customer retention
  • Flexible commercial terms
  • Business continuity

Want your phones fit for purpose

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